Local resources- Libraries

Hennepin County Library System 

World Cat – Search Library database - near you or around the world 

General knowledge


Simple English Wiki – Uses only simple words and links to define them – great for younger students or others with limited English. 

BrainPOP – shorts on every subject -Viruses to Jazz – many free 

Rudiments of Wisdom – cartoon drawn explanations 

BBC – (few items dont work in US) British Education resources 

AAAmath.com – Math, Spelling, Geography

Enchanted Learning – many subjects!, more options for $20 - 

Internet Archive – catalog of video,music, text, old webpages

Online Course sites

There is an explosion of Online Education Courses, mostly high school/college

some just lecture, some are participatory, a few can assign credit – all require you do the work to learn.

OpenCoursewareConsortium – one of the first Universities to share their classes

edX – MIT and others put some full courses online

Udacity.com – variety of courses from Intro physics to robotic intelligence

Khan Academy – 3-10 min whiteboard lectures, math, science, history, etc.

YouTube Edu – Educational courses and shows (MIT, history channel, etc)

Open Culture – Huge Site listing webs' many free educational resources 


Ancient History Curriculum - http://bringinguplearners.com/

Library of Congress American Memory – many subjects with collected resources 

Teaching Social Studies article with links and ideas - 

AWOL – Advanced multilingual site – professional history/archaeology etc. journal links


AAAmath.com – K-8 grade or subject sorted, lessons and exercises -

Pictures of Money 

MathGoodies – area, fractions, prealgebra, logic, etc

Mathisfun.com – counting up to algebra, lessons, worksheets, games – 

Math Challenge- logic/ math problems for fun or learning - 

Mathscore.com – K-8, has practice state test problems for each concept, free or paid programs

IXL- PreK – 8+ -sample problems free- many school use this program 

Reading – Ebook resources

Project Gutenberg – first and best site of free print ebooks that are public domain

(out of copyright ie: 1920s or earlier) in various formats (.txt, epub, kindle, html, & more)

mobile site – m.gutenberg.org , self publish http://self.gutenberg.org/

Baldwin Childrens' Literature – Free ebooks of old children's classics ( pre 1923)

Booksshouldbefree.com – Audiobooks, public domain various formats, picture catalog 

Librivox – Audiobooks from public domain, mp3, oog, text catalog

Baen Books - Sci fi focus +, current copyright titles, free and paid available

O'Reilly Media – Tech, DIY, Science, Math, etc – many formats, unrestricted files


Handwritingworksheets.com Print or Cursive practice printouts 


Free Dictionaries and other word resources 

Elements of Style text - Classic grammar/writing text

Spelling City-  Lots of spelling activities, spelling lists, etc

Clever Parody Verse – Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten


FOSS – Hands-on science units for schools, describes activities(so you can do many yourself)

Science Bob's – cool experiments described 

Periodic Table Quiz – learn your elements 

Astonomy discussions and courses 


World Atlas.com – Maps of all types to learn or print

National Geographic – site has many games and facts


Virtual Musuem Tours all around the world http://www.googleartproject.com/

June Moon – wonderful mandala coloring designs, spiritual art 


President Obama:First Day of School Speech on Education, & Work Hard to Succeed 9/8/2009

A Math Paradox: The Widening Gap Between High School and College Math. By Joseph Ganem
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Links for Learning and Resources

This page is under construction. 

Other schools similar to Gaia:

Summerhill School - the original Free School in England
Sudbury Valley School MA
Brooklyn Free School NY

Organizational Resources:
AERO Alternative Education Resource Organization

Support for Gaia Style:

Astra Taylor talk on homeschooling
John Taylor Gatto Challenging Modern Schooling

Media Articles:
Star Tribune Article on DIY Education & Unschooling (7/12)Mothering Magazine Article on Democratic Schooling 
Peter Grey article and comment about alternatives to traditional schools, which 
Education Alternative diary link 
Paths of learning article article describes various types of alternative learning
Wikipedia article on Alternative Education
Wikipedia "Democratic Schools"


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